A downloadable game for Windows

Because this is the first release and just 10% completion, there are many many bugs in this build, kindly check the known bugs list below.

This demo provides the gameplay I am still currently working on, having said that, your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help improve the game. Here are a some of things I need your feedback on:

  • Performance, let me know if it's running bad, your pc specs will also definitely help me optimize as well.
  • is the current FPS view too sensitive or too stiff? (this will help me calibrate the default sensitivity once I roll out the options menu)
  • feedback on mouse acceleration (this will help me decide which I need to set as default and prioritize)
  • feedback on fov (it's set at 60 right now)
  • Is the audio too loud or too low?
  • overall control responsiveness or animation feedback
  • usability and friendliness of the interfaces
  • feedback on the graphics
  • basically anything that annoys you right now
  • etc

small disclaimer: this demo is meant to show the basic gameplay mechanics, target visual design and overall tone. Given this, the demo is NOT representative of the actual game and any or all of the elements presented may change in the future.


  1. How far along is the project? it is still very early in development but almost all the basic mechanics are in place so it's about 1%. :^)
  2. I saw a bug, how do I report it to you? Perfectly understandable since this is very very early in development. you may let me know in the comment box but I'm pretty sure the bugs you are experiencing is already flagged by me and will mostly likel fixed in the future (don't hold me on that).
  3. I have cool suggestions for your game, where should I post it? I'd love to hear it! please reach out to me on twitter or post a comment below.


  • Critical Bug: Infinite ammo
  • Critical Bug: Colliders don't turn off when enemy dies
  • Critical Bug: Patrolling sometimes turn off arbitrarily
  • no sound: reloading weapons
  • no sound: bullet hitting walls/static objects
  • no sound: bullet hitting bodies
  • not working: rim light ramp cutoff
  • not working: crouch shooting
  • colliders not working properly, player goes through walls
  • Aiming is way off target when running
  • Aiming is way off when targetting in FPS view
  • Rim light is bad looking when in FPS view
  • lags on initial weapon fire
  • hand goes through wall when freeform aiming to the side
  • pistol recoils to the left/right
  • pistol when fired sometimes does not trigger shoot animation
  • initial FPS view not where mouse is positioned at
  • mouse pointer goes to the center when going out of FPS view instead of where it was when FPS view was initially used
  • enemy IK aiming is way off
  • decals sometimes appears on other areas (decal map related)
  • very minor texture bleeding on light maps


  • Bug Fixes
  • Bullet Traces**
  • More foleys for missing sound effects***
  • a working story prologue
  • Others



Tags3D, Atmospheric, Lo-fi, Retro, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTumblr, Twitter


Travelers DD9 Special Demo x64 (.7z archive) 14 MB
Travelers DD9 Special Demo x64 (.zip archive) 19 MB
Travelers DD9 Special Demo x86 (.7z archive) 13 MB
Travelers DD9 Special Demo x86 (.zip archive) 18 MB


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how do i finish the level?

You may already know this, but I'm able to walk through the walls near to the corners when I try to use them as cover

thanks, didn't see that bug though! I've updated the bug list. The demo's an unmitigated mess!

However, it is looking great. Keep it up!

The 32-bit build should be up in the next few hours, apologies!